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Direct-to-Vinyl Lathe Cut

By January 15, 2020Uncategorized

In other niche product news, we’re headed to Brooklyn on February 4th to knock out a pretty wild project via Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.
We’ll spend the day recording a series of DIRECT-TO-VINYL LATHE CUT 7″s, each one different from the last.
We’ve decided to record some classics from the Motherhood archives! Remember the Problems EP? That album never made it beyond cassette, but not for long!
Songs for pre-order are:
1. Bird Chirp (originally released on Dear Bongo,)
2. Dosey Doe (originally released as side A on Problems EP – 2014)
3. Caddy Whack Pt I & II (originally released as side B on Problems EP – 2014)
4. Trees (this is a new song that, to be honest, isn’t finished being composed yet, but will be fresh and spicy by Feb 4)

Learn more about this freaky project & pre-order your (literally) one-of-a-kind 7″ here: