New Video: Hard in the Paint

Check out this silly video we made with our good pal Giles >>

We’re playing a few shows this summer, most notably:
JUNE 22-23: SLED ISLAND (Calgary, AB)
JULY 31: EMPIRE (Fredericton, NB) **
AUGUST 2-4: SAPPYFEST (Sackville, NB)**
AUGUST 30: L’ESCO (Montreal, QC)**
** = with FET.NAT

Dear Bongo, Release Tour (pt. 1)

Eyyyyyyy we’re going on tour again, this time in support of our hard-earned new album, “Dear Bongo,”. The album comes out March 1st via Forward Music Group, and we’re throwing a real banger of a release party/tour send-off/all-ages bonanza at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton (get tickets here:

We’re so happy to get to return to the beautiful USA and see some buds on both coasts and in between. In the words of Satomi Matsuzaki “how do u want to live on the east coast / how do u want to live on the west coast / how do u want to live in the middle”. Plus! Our first Vancouver show in 3 years, appearances at New Colossus, Treefort Music Fest & Kazoo! wow

Any suggestions for things to see? Do tell.

March 1 – Fredericton, NB
March 2 – Moncton, NB
March 8/9 – New York (New Colossus Festival)
March 10 – Philadelphia, PA
March 15 – Omaha, NE
March 15 – Kearney, NE
March 17 – Denver, CO
March 19 – Denver, CO
March 21-23 – Boise, ID (Treefort Music Fest)
March 24 – Portland, OR
March 25 – Eugene, OR
March 26 – Portland, OR
March 27 – Seattle, WA
March 28 – Vancouver, BC
March 29 – Abbotsford, BC
March 30 – Moscow, ID
April 1 – Bozeman, MT
April 4 – Dubuque, IO
April 5 – Kenosha, WI
April 6 – London, ON
April 7 – Indianapolis, IN
April 8 – Hazel Park, MI
April 10 – Toronto, ON
April 11 – Guelph, ON (Kazoo! Fest)
April 12 – Hamilton, ON
April 13 – Montreal, QC


Check out the most beautiful album cover of all time. This thing was many months of back & forth, confusing e-mails and FaceTime conversations with the artist, Gregory Pepper (Guelph, ON). We were initially attracted to his work because he draws Simpsons characters really well. Turns out he’s capable of much, much, much more than that.

VIDEO: Bird Chirp

RIYL: cute dogs, summer days, ocean shorelines, red & blue… and crunchy guitars?
Bird Chirp is the first song of our upcoming album “Dear Bongo,” out March 1st via Forward Music Group.
It features some dear buds, Kyle Cunjak on upright bass, and The Hypochondriacs on the outro (singing their version of the traditional “Will the Circle be Unbroken”).

Check the premiere via PopMatters here:

Apparently ‘getting chirped’ is regional language from our home zone of New Brunswick, Canada. If you don’t get the joke, that’s why. Anyway don’t let anybody chirp you ever!

Video – Pick of the Pugs

Motherhood’s music interests are diverse… like we’ll listen to Nicki Minaj, Devendra Banhart and Hard Charger back2back2back. We don’t always agree, but there are 2 artists that we can always agree on: QUEEN & CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. We basically took 2 of their most famous videos and mashed them into one for this cute, funny & weird vid of our own. Have a look, hope you like it <3

Motherhood @ ECMAs 2018

Hittin’ the big top, which is the Seahorse, which is in a basement, at the ECMAs 2018. We’re on a BIG BILL that will make it a BIG NIGHT, and we’re pleased as peaches.

Motherhood @ ECMAs
Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
The Seahorse Tavern
Halifax, NS

Mums are on at 10 pm. Tickets are $25, but holy shit, you get to see SLOAN!!!!! And WALRUS!! and a bunch of other dope bands. See you then xo

Mums do America 2018

We’re very very very very pleased to announce our inaugural US tour from March 7th to April 6th 2018. This announcement also heralds our official alignment with Forward Music Group. Kyle & co have been there to support us since preeeeetty much the very start, and we’re overjoyed to have them lend us a more official hand.

Check this article from Grid City Magazine with the gory details, and reach out if you’re able to help fill any gaps with shows! Denver? Reno? Santa Cruz? What u got?

Penny & the mums

Surprise! Hometown Holiday Show ~ ~

We can’t resist playing one more show in Fredericton in 2017. The community here has supported us so much over the years, we just love playing to the crew, ya know? We’ve been testing out some new material, and will probably continue doing that at this show.

In our continuing effort to get students out to see live music, we’re offering $6 tickets with a student ID (regular $10). Tell yer young buds to come on out and see their mums.

We’re joined by two pretty special acts:


Moncton has been faithfully churning out strong femme musicians for years now (sup Julie D!), and is home to talented folks like Les Hay Babies, The Galpines, Julie Aube, Tampa, Bit Lip, and so on. Radium Doxy is no exception – a classic punk trio that shred. We first got to see them when they ***took time off from their jobs and drove to Fredericton in the middle of the day to play for NB Girl’s Rock Camp***, so they’re already in our good books. They play hard and loud and give zero fucks.
They’re definitely operating in the underground scene, and we could only find one pixely video of them, but check out their bandcamp here and get ready:

BOXERS (Fredericton via Sackville via ???)

If you’ve played in Sackville in the last forever, chances are good that Chris Meaney was a part of the show somehow. Running the soundboard, setting up the shed, playing his sax, or just showing up and smiling? He’s good for that. He’s played with a ton of great bands over the years (Kappa Chow, Weird Lines, , but you’ll have to ask him about that at the show. Chris recently moved to Fredericton, which is really great. We’re really excited to hear a solo rendition of his project, Boxers, and just generally excited to have him living in Fredericton. Get him in your band yall ~ ~ ~ dude can rip!
Here’s Boxers:

See you on Friday, buds.
xo pen