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Direct-to-Vinyl Lathe Cut

In other niche product news, we’re headed to Brooklyn on February 4th to knock out a pretty wild project via Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.
We’ll spend the day recording a series of DIRECT-TO-VINYL LATHE CUT 7″s, each one different from the last.
We’ve decided to record some classics from the Motherhood archives! Remember the Problems EP? That album never made it beyond cassette, but not for long!
Songs for pre-order are:
1. Bird Chirp (originally released on Dear Bongo,)
2. Dosey Doe (originally released as side A on Problems EP – 2014)
3. Caddy Whack Pt I & II (originally released as side B on Problems EP – 2014)
4. Trees (this is a new song that, to be honest, isn’t finished being composed yet, but will be fresh and spicy by Feb 4)

Learn more about this freaky project & pre-order your (literally) one-of-a-kind 7″ here:

“Live From Sedalia” VHS

If you didn’t think we were try-hards before this, it’s an indisputable truth now; we’re releasing a VHS! “Live From Sedalia” documents a beautiful day spent writing, recording & petting dogs in the beautiful mountain town of Sedalia, Colorado. It features live versions of 3 tracks from Dear Bongo, and has 1 completely new, never before heard, … song.
We’ve convinced ourselves that there are 50 people on the planet that both like our band and own a VHS player. If you’re one of those people, or you intend to become one in the future, please pre-order a copy here:
There are only 50. Hopefully that’s not 50 too many.

#224 ft. Freeda Whales

Check our new vid, featuring local drag superstar Freeda Whales. We’re so thankful for Freeda and the work she does around town – fighting for LGBTQPIA+ rights, fundraising for AIDS-NB, training her drag daughters, bringing ICONIC drag performers to town, and occasionally dancing to our instrumental songs!
We really hope we can work more with her crew – they’re an inspiration. <3
The video was filmed last February in our old haunt, Shiftwork Studio, with Pen & our pal Stefan live painting a hand-built backdrop. The action sequence was shot in a single take by Chris Giles who had a nasty flu. He survived, so did we. Enjoy!

MusicNB Award Noms

Yessssss yesss we got the noms. Motherhood, proud New Brunswickers that we are, have been nominated for 4 MusicNB Awards.
They are:
GROUP RECORDING OF THE YEAR (same wow, different category)

A few of our dear pals and comrades have also been nominated, including Shivering Songs, CHSR-FM, Fest Forward, PaddleFest, Matt Carter, Carole Chouinard, The Capital Complex, The Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Les Hotesses d’Hilaire, Grid City Magazine, & Which Witch is Which. All these folks have supported & inspired us in one way or another. If you’re a NB resident, throw in a vote here:

New Video: Hard in the Paint

Check out this silly video we made with our good pal Giles >>

We’re playing a few shows this summer, most notably:
JUNE 22-23: SLED ISLAND (Calgary, AB)
JULY 31: EMPIRE (Fredericton, NB) **
AUGUST 2-4: SAPPYFEST (Sackville, NB)**
AUGUST 30: L’ESCO (Montreal, QC)**
** = with FET.NAT

Dear Bongo, Release Tour (pt. 1)

Eyyyyyyy we’re going on tour again, this time in support of our hard-earned new album, “Dear Bongo,”. The album comes out March 1st via Forward Music Group, and we’re throwing a real banger of a release party/tour send-off/all-ages bonanza at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton (get tickets here:

We’re so happy to get to return to the beautiful USA and see some buds on both coasts and in between. In the words of Satomi Matsuzaki “how do u want to live on the east coast / how do u want to live on the west coast / how do u want to live in the middle”. Plus! Our first Vancouver show in 3 years, appearances at New Colossus, Treefort Music Fest & Kazoo! wow

Any suggestions for things to see? Do tell.

March 1 – Fredericton, NB
March 2 – Moncton, NB
March 8/9 – New York (New Colossus Festival)
March 10 – Philadelphia, PA
March 15 – Omaha, NE
March 15 – Kearney, NE
March 17 – Denver, CO
March 19 – Denver, CO
March 21-23 – Boise, ID (Treefort Music Fest)
March 24 – Portland, OR
March 25 – Eugene, OR
March 26 – Portland, OR
March 27 – Seattle, WA
March 28 – Vancouver, BC
March 29 – Abbotsford, BC
March 30 – Moscow, ID
April 1 – Bozeman, MT
April 4 – Dubuque, IO
April 5 – Kenosha, WI
April 6 – London, ON
April 7 – Indianapolis, IN
April 8 – Hazel Park, MI
April 10 – Toronto, ON
April 11 – Guelph, ON (Kazoo! Fest)
April 12 – Hamilton, ON
April 13 – Montreal, QC


Check out the most beautiful album cover of all time. This thing was many months of back & forth, confusing e-mails and FaceTime conversations with the artist, Gregory Pepper (Guelph, ON). We were initially attracted to his work because he draws Simpsons characters really well. Turns out he’s capable of much, much, much more than that.

VIDEO: Bird Chirp

RIYL: cute dogs, summer days, ocean shorelines, red & blue… and crunchy guitars?
Bird Chirp is the first song of our upcoming album “Dear Bongo,” out March 1st via Forward Music Group.
It features some dear buds, Kyle Cunjak on upright bass, and The Hypochondriacs on the outro (singing their version of the traditional “Will the Circle be Unbroken”).

Check the premiere via PopMatters here:

Apparently ‘getting chirped’ is regional language from our home zone of New Brunswick, Canada. If you don’t get the joke, that’s why. Anyway don’t let anybody chirp you ever!