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HOMETOWN HEROES & Student-Friendly Programming

By January 6, 2017June 6th, 2018Uncategorized

HOMETOWN HEROES & Student-Friendly Programming

Big show tonight, one for the buds. Sharing the stage with two of our favourite bands is a true honour, and we hope you’ll come check it out!

HOMETOWN HEROES at the Capital Complex, Fredericton

ft. The Hypochondriacs, Motherhood (hi!), & Cellarghost

$10 at the door / $6 with student ID

fb event:

It’s only $6 for students. We’re trying desperately to build bridges to campus, despite it becoming increasingly more difficult.

UNB is putting a cramp in the local scene’s style, and I think it’s important to share. Local community organizers are unable to poster or otherwise promote any events on campus that happen off campus, unless they’re considered a ‘cultural event’ (aka the Playhouse or the Beaverbrook Art Gallery [institutional art]). Because our shows often happen in a bar or DIY space, they’re not considered ‘cultural’.

I was told to my face that I couldn’t poster for Motherhood shows on campus*, because it encourages binge-drinking. Wait…..what? Binge drinking has literally nothing to do with our art – and art it is. I guess we do “still drink that Moosehead Dry”…

We’ve also had trouble, despite reaching out several times, getting media coverage on campus through print publication. There are hundreds of young people on campus, gaining new experiences and craving local culture, and we’d love to be a part of that; the local scene has a lot to offer them.

Tonight’s show is the official after-party location for a Canadian University Press journalism conference being presented by UNB and the Brunswickan, but we’re having trouble getting it covered on campus. Of course, CHSR did and continues to cover so many local events, and are tireless warriors for the local arts scene. Thank you, CHSR, you rule so hard!

So we need your help! If you’re a student, or you are pals with students, hook them into the local scene as much as you can. And bring them to the show tonight! It’s going to be a real gong show.



*All of these experiences were at UNB/SUB, throwing no shade on NBCCD <3