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Video – Pick of the Pugs

Motherhood’s music interests are diverse… like we’ll listen to Nicki Minaj, Devendra Banhart and Hard Charger back2back2back. We don’t always agree, but there are 2 artists that we can always agree on: QUEEN & CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. We basically took 2 of their most famous videos and mashed them into one for this cute, funny & weird vid of our own. Have a look, hope you like it <3

Motherhood @ ECMAs 2018

Hittin’ the big top, which is the Seahorse, which is in a basement, at the ECMAs 2018. We’re on a BIG BILL that will make it a BIG NIGHT, and we’re pleased as peaches.

Motherhood @ ECMAs
Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
The Seahorse Tavern
Halifax, NS

Mums are on at 10 pm. Tickets are $25, but holy shit, you get to see SLOAN!!!!! And WALRUS!! and a bunch of other dope bands. See you then xo

Mums do America 2018

We’re very very very very pleased to announce our inaugural US tour from March 7th to April 6th 2018. This announcement also heralds our official alignment with Forward Music Group. Kyle & co have been there to support us since preeeeetty much the very start, and we’re overjoyed to have them lend us a more official hand.

Check this article from Grid City Magazine with the gory details, and reach out if you’re able to help fill any gaps with shows! Denver? Reno? Santa Cruz? What u got?

Penny & the mums

Surprise! Hometown Holiday Show ~ ~

We can’t resist playing one more show in Fredericton in 2017. The community here has supported us so much over the years, we just love playing to the crew, ya know? We’ve been testing out some new material, and will probably continue doing that at this show.

In our continuing effort to get students out to see live music, we’re offering $6 tickets with a student ID (regular $10). Tell yer young buds to come on out and see their mums.

We’re joined by two pretty special acts:


Moncton has been faithfully churning out strong femme musicians for years now (sup Julie D!), and is home to talented folks like Les Hay Babies, The Galpines, Julie Aube, Tampa, Bit Lip, and so on. Radium Doxy is no exception – a classic punk trio that shred. We first got to see them when they ***took time off from their jobs and drove to Fredericton in the middle of the day to play for NB Girl’s Rock Camp***, so they’re already in our good books. They play hard and loud and give zero fucks.
They’re definitely operating in the underground scene, and we could only find one pixely video of them, but check out their bandcamp here and get ready:

BOXERS (Fredericton via Sackville via ???)

If you’ve played in Sackville in the last forever, chances are good that Chris Meaney was a part of the show somehow. Running the soundboard, setting up the shed, playing his sax, or just showing up and smiling? He’s good for that. He’s played with a ton of great bands over the years (Kappa Chow, Weird Lines, , but you’ll have to ask him about that at the show. Chris recently moved to Fredericton, which is really great. We’re really excited to hear a solo rendition of his project, Boxers, and just generally excited to have him living in Fredericton. Get him in your band yall ~ ~ ~ dude can rip!
Here’s Boxers:

See you on Friday, buds.
xo pen

Ontourio – s06 e06 (season finale)

Ontourio s06 e06 (Season Finale) is our last bout of shows for 2017, before we hunker down in the studio to write more music. We’re playing with some longtime buds and some hopefully future buds, and bringing a brand new human road pup with us – Noah! Please tell yr buds in: TORONTO, OTTAWA, OAKVILLE, LONDON, MONTREAL and MONCTON.

< Overall Tour Event >
< Toronto Event >
< Ottawa Event >
< Oakville Event >
< London Event >
< Montreal Event >
< Moncton Event >

Oh, did we say that we get to open for the Sadies in Montreal? wowwwwwwwww.

It’s been a very busy year fer yer mums. By my estimation, we played about 80 shows from Alberta to Newfoundland, recorded a full-length album, made some collaborative tunes with Owen, were nominated for a Music NB award, bought a new van and a ton of new gear. Phew. Maybe we’ll do a year-end recap at the actual year-end, but for now, just phew.

Motherhood @ Music NB Awards Galalalala

Yer mums were honoured to play the Music New Brunswick Awards Gala this past Thursday. Here are some top quality pics from a top quality dude (LP Chiasson). We didn’t win the award for Rock Artist of the Year, but we won a couple hearts and almost certainly Best Dressed. Thanks for having us, MNB.

Up next fer yer mums:
– Oct 17th at the Capital w/ WHOOP-Szo & Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
– Oct 20th at Gus’ Pub w/ Bad Pop, FRIGS, & The Courtneys
– November 2nd at Boyce Farmer’s Market (Capital Project’s “Wow! I Shot that!”)
– November 4th – 11th – Ontario/QC Tour (TBA very soon)
– November 17th – The Caveau (Moncton) w/ The Gregories

Recording (& Otherwise) Update

Hi, it us! We’re making a new record and it’s almost done! Well, the recording is almost done ~ just a couple synth and guitar tracks left. We’ve been recording back near Tin Can Beach in Saint John, NB, at Corey Bonnevie’s studio, aka Monopolized. Same place we made Baby Teeth. We just love the dude and the weird industrial landscape around there. We mums are very fortunate to have Kyle Cunjak (Forward Music Group, Force Fields, Olympic Symphonium, David Myles, etc. etc. etc.) be our big-shot producer this time around. WOW. It’s the first time we’ve ever worked with a producer, and he was certainly the right person for the job. After POP Montreal, we’ll be headed to Jay Crocker’s studio (JOYFULTALK, Jon Mckiel) in Crousetown, NS, to mix it and make it tasty, then off to mastering. weeeee.

Diamonds & Gold, our first full-length, was heavily produced, almost like pop music (lol); there were like 15 guitar tracks and 45 vocal tracks in every song. After Diamonds & Gold, we simplified everything quite a bit, using Problems and Baby Teeth to perfect our songwriting and explore different themes and feelings, keeping production to a minimum (Problems was live off the floor). For this album, we’re going back to a Diamonds & Gold vibe, but a much more mature effort. Like, we’re much better songwriters now, and we take ourselves way less seriously. This album’s got some pretty obvious Beach Boys, Beatles and Zappa influences, and we think you’re really going to like it.

In other news: We’re playing two shows at POP Montreal this year (Thursday, Sept. 14 at Barfly [lol], and Friday, Sept. 15 at Casa Del Popolo [w/Graham Van Pelt, Valleys, Napster Vertigo, & a Super Secret Guest]). Then we mix our album, then we play at the Capital on October 17th (WHOOP-Szo & Yamantaka // Sonic Titan). Holy heck! Then we got to Halifax Pop Explosion to play at Gus’ Pub on Friday, October 20th, with The Courtneys, FRIGS, & Bad POP. Wowowowowowowowowow!

Here are a few pics for u. bye <3

Session – Live in the Oven @ CJLO (Montreal)

Session – Live in the Oven @ CJLO (Montreal)

Yo dawgs, if you want to peep some new tracks we’ve been working on, follow this link:
Big ups to Patrick McDowell and his team of volunteers for stuffing us in a near literal oven to play some tracks! It was hot and sweaty and hot, but they worked real hard to make this work, so thanks <3

< . o . > June < . o . >

2017 has been good to yer mums so far. Checked a few things off the to-do/bucket list, including:

  • Completing East Coast, Quebec & Ontario tours, playing with pals like Smokes, Mushy Gushy, No Aloha, Partner, Jon Mckiel, Cousins, La Fete, etc. <3 <3 <3
  • Being featured on the Pentagon Black Compilation, a national comp put together by the smarties in the Famines. We covered Construction & Destruction’s song “The Oracle”.
  • Teaching Owen Steel how to ROCK \m/ \m/ We were Owen’s backing band for 3 special shows at Quality Block Party, Paddlefest, and Lawnya Vawnya.
  • Going to Newfoundland (for Lawnya Vawnya)! What a fantastic time. We played 4 SGs, ate seal meat, saw an iceberg, played dope shows, and met lots of cool people and cats.
  • Doing a small tour with FET.NAT (Hull, Quebec). What a dope band, what dope dudes, and what a dope time. We miss them.

We’re pretty lucky to get to have so much fun, but the fun certainly doesn’t stop there. Coming up next we’ll be:

  • recording a new full-length at Monopolized Studios. With Corey at the helm, and Nick Cobham and Kyle Cunjak as skipper and first mate, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be the wackiest album we’ve ever made.
  • touring back to Ontario, this time for a run of shows including a birthday show for Penny at the Horseshoe (Toronto) and playing the Pentagon Black show at Ottawa Explosion. Other stops include Montreal (Fringe x POP x Passovah), Hamilton (the Casbah), and Montreal (Bar Le Ritz).
  • going to see our friends in La Fete play with Deerhoof in Quebec City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.
  • flying out to Sled Island to play the POP Montreal showcase (with our LAPS pals!), and a Sloth Records in-store show.

Check our ‘shows’ page to see the other stuff we’re cooking up, lots of things to keep us busy and happy. Hope you can say the same!

xo Pen

ps: A few albums we’ve been listening to – Noli Timere (Construction & Destruction), Gaoler (FET.NAT), Dynasty House (Hooded Fang), Citizen’s Ban(ne)d Radio (WHOOP-Szo), John Prine (John Prine)