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Recording (& Otherwise) Update

By August 30, 2017June 7th, 2018Uncategorized

Hi, it us! We’re making a new record and it’s almost done! Well, the recording is almost done ~ just a couple synth and guitar tracks left. We’ve been recording back near Tin Can Beach in Saint John, NB, at Corey Bonnevie’s studio, aka Monopolized. Same place we made Baby Teeth. We just love the dude and the weird industrial landscape around there. We mums are very fortunate to have Kyle Cunjak (Forward Music Group, Force Fields, Olympic Symphonium, David Myles, etc. etc. etc.) be our big-shot producer this time around. WOW. It’s the first time we’ve ever worked with a producer, and he was certainly the right person for the job. After POP Montreal, we’ll be headed to Jay Crocker’s studio (JOYFULTALK, Jon Mckiel) in Crousetown, NS, to mix it and make it tasty, then off to mastering. weeeee.

Diamonds & Gold, our first full-length, was heavily produced, almost like pop music (lol); there were like 15 guitar tracks and 45 vocal tracks in every song. After Diamonds & Gold, we simplified everything quite a bit, using Problems and Baby Teeth to perfect our songwriting and explore different themes and feelings, keeping production to a minimum (Problems was live off the floor). For this album, we’re going back to a Diamonds & Gold vibe, but a much more mature effort. Like, we’re much better songwriters now, and we take ourselves way less seriously. This album’s got some pretty obvious Beach Boys, Beatles and Zappa influences, and we think you’re really going to like it.

In other news: We’re playing two shows at POP Montreal this year (Thursday, Sept. 14 at Barfly [lol], and Friday, Sept. 15 at Casa Del Popolo [w/Graham Van Pelt, Valleys, Napster Vertigo, & a Super Secret Guest]). Then we mix our album, then we play at the Capital on October 17th (WHOOP-Szo & Yamantaka // Sonic Titan). Holy heck! Then we got to Halifax Pop Explosion to play at Gus’ Pub on Friday, October 20th, with The Courtneys, FRIGS, & Bad POP. Wowowowowowowowowow!

Here are a few pics for u. bye <3