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Motherhood @ Music NB Awards Galalalala

By October 16, 2017June 7th, 2018Uncategorized

Yer mums were honoured to play the Music New Brunswick Awards Gala this past Thursday. Here are some top quality pics from a top quality dude (LP Chiasson). We didn’t win the award for Rock Artist of the Year, but we won a couple hearts and almost certainly Best Dressed. Thanks for having us, MNB.

Up next fer yer mums:
– Oct 17th at the Capital w/ WHOOP-Szo & Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
– Oct 20th at Gus’ Pub w/ Bad Pop, FRIGS, & The Courtneys
– November 2nd at Boyce Farmer’s Market (Capital Project’s “Wow! I Shot that!”)
– November 4th – 11th – Ontario/QC Tour (TBA very soon)
– November 17th – The Caveau (Moncton) w/ The Gregories